Dear Valued Customer,

Reputation they say, is earned not assumed.

At Bramley's of Carlow we have 70 years of customer service, and dedication to excellence means that we have a reputation for bringing the best.

Three generations of Bramley's started by Bill & Maureen, then Pat & Dympna and now Philip & Stuart. We have been serving the people of Carlow and the south east with the finest of gems and precious metals from all over the world. All our Diamonds are in strict compliance with the U.N.

70 years later and Bramley's see the third generation of the family making a name in the world of Jewellery. Philip is a recognised name in the world of Jewellery Making in all metals, ably assisted by his brother Stuart, who looks after all the day to day running of the business.

Our Motto is
"You describe it, we will make it in our Carlow Workshop".